Having recently completed her Master’s degree in Business,  focusing on consumer insight and innovation, Moa was well prepared when she started working as Marketing Coordinator at BIMobject. We sat down for a coffee and a chat, to ask her how she likes her new job.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the fact that so many highly competent people from diverse backgrounds and with different areas of expertise all work together towards a common goal. The atmosphere in the office is serious and relaxed at the same time. One minute we’re releasing cutting edge tech solutions that will change the world, the next everyone is playing ping pong.

How would you describe BIMobject?

This is an innovative company that values new ideas, where everyone is always striving for improvement in all areas. It’s an organisation that’s constantly evolving, and I keep learning new things on a daily basis. It’s really inspiring to work with a truly disruptive company, that has a tangible impact on the industry globally.

What’s it like working in the HQ office?

I really like the environment here. We’re located in Studio in central Malmö, which is a place with a strong sense of community. We share wonderful meeting areas with the rest of the building, and I really like the salad bar on the ground floor and the Thursday yoga classes.


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