Louise, you’ve been working at BIMobject for almost half a year now. What’s your experience as a member of the BIMobject team?

I’m proud to work at BIMobject because I truly share our vision. That sense of pride in what we do makes all the difference in the world to me.

How would you describe that vision, and what does it mean to you?  

What we do in our daily work addresses the big questions. ’How do we build homes for a growing population? And how can we make sure these homes are sustainable, both while building them and living in them?’ These issues really are everyone’s business, whether you’re in the construction industry or not. Many of our solutions help make complex processes a lot more accessible for people who may not be engineers or architects, but benefit from understanding the building they work or live in nonetheless.

What’s unique about BIMobject as a workplace?

In my experience, the CEO sets the tone for a company. Personally, I really enjoy the way Stefan approaches a challenge. Asking ”Why?” is a given for most people, but he remembers to ask ”Why not?” as well, which I think is just as important.

The BIMobject team is a global one, and naturally quite diverse, but something we all seem to have in common is that we like problem-solving, each within our own field of expertise. The problems we’ve set out to solve may be large, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it one solution at a time.  

”The issues we address are everyone’s business, whether you’re in the construction industry or not.”


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