Colin Ingram - Developer at BIMobject HQ

Colin has been in development for about 10 years. A few years ago he decided to move from England, and here he tells us about his journey and the passion for development. In technology, but also in life.

Breaking down barriers

“I was at a point in my career where I needed a change, of culture and of environment. Then I met my girlfriend. It was a big step, moving to another country, but the opportunity was there, and I had to take the chance. It might be more of an issue in other companies, but when starting at BIMobject there was no barrier to being involved based on language. The only barrier here is your own attitude and your willingness to get involved. It’s a truly multinational company. With offices all over the world, language has never been a hindrance to this culture or the level of engagement people have”.

“I think for me as a developer, the exciting thing is to know that our technology is making a difference for people”

Driving technology forward

“It is not just that we are working with good interesting technology, but also that people are using our technology. I think for me as a developer, the exciting thing is to know that it is making a difference for people. They are using it every day in their life, it is making their life easier, it’s making projects more efficient, and it’s making things more sustainable. We are evolving the industry. From a developer's perspective it is important to believe in what you are working on, and one thing that gives me confident is the drive of the people here.

Together we are driving technology forward - And I am really keen to be a part of that”.

Open company culture

“The culture that exists in BIMobject is a really good one, fostering the spirit of discussion and togetherness, which I think is really important. Ideas will be challenged, and your views can contribute to something. I really like how despite being distributed we have a good connection with other developers in other parts of the world, and we talk to them on a daily basis. That rooting is keeping the “small company“- feel even though it is a large developer company. I think it’s about the people and the way they enjoy their job. And I think that reflects on the company as a whole”.


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